Artist Statement

Figurative study has played a big part in my art practice as well as explorations into print and mark marking. Although hinting at flora, fauna and still life I believe the medium itself has become the main protagonist of my work. These ‘portraits of paint, charcoal and ink’ give a life to the medium as the subject; they have weight and physicality, form and shape built up with texture and viscosity, examining the relationship between the background and foreground. It is what I put onto my canvas/paper/ board that remains my constant muse and takes superior precedence in my artistic process.

Alice Neave was born and educated in the UK, completing a BA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds in 2010. Since then she has exhibited all around the UK and has work on permanent display in the US. In August 2017 she moved her studio to the Poitou-Charentes region of France and is working on her next body of work.