Artist Statement

Alice Neave works predominantly with raw pigment on calico, often incorporating hand stitching to create a painting in which process and materiality is at the heart of the work. Neave
works with this malleable and tactile material to explore personal themes and motifs whilst bringing to the forefront a strong, material image that leaves the viewer with a huge amount of ambiguity.
Themes deriving from the natural world, grief, and fertility have dominated her work in recent years. Like most artists, Neave is very affected by her environment and these ruminations on grief, especially, have led to a preoccupation with place and limbo; a depiction of an environment that one recognises but cannot name. Neave sees painting as a language to get to the crux of the matter, communicating common human emotion & sentiments, whilst simultaneously managing to subvert the obvious.

Alice Neave was born & educated in the UK., After growing up in rural Dorset she completed a BA in Fine Art from the university of Leeds in 2010 after a Foundation diploma from the Arts Institute in Bournemouth. Neave has  had three solo shows including one at Public Gallery in London in 2018. Having spent some time living & painting in the Poitou Charente region of France, she now works from her studio in South East London on the Thames and completed the Turps Banana correspondence course in 2021.